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Real wood flooring, Edgcombe Park, Crowthorne, Berkshire

Our client contacted us to see if we could help source some old maple flooring that had been installed in their home sometime in the eighties. The client had recently installed a new kitchen and had removed an area between the hallway and kitchen. This had left them with an area about three by two meters of missing flooring. After successfully sourcing an almost perfect match, we made sure that the area in-between the hall and kitchen was perfectly level which required deep fill latex mixed with aggregate and another coat of latex over the top, so the reclaimed maple would marry up perfectly.

After allowing the newly screeded floor adequate time to dry, the maple flooring was installed. We then proceeded to sand and re-seal all the flooring.

Client testimonial
“I’m so pleased with the finished result and can’t thank the guys enough for finding such a good match and saving our lovely floor. Brilliant company. Thank you.”

Project details
  • Ball 131 Primer
  • Stopgap 300 latex
  • Spotgap graded aggregate
  • Ardex feather finish
  • Bona Mega trafficwood lacquer

Karndean flooring, Finchampstead, Berkshire

We were asked to quote for new flooring to the kitchen, hallway and lounge/diner. After looking at all of the Karndean and Amtico ranges that we offer, we found that the Karndean Opus Luna 18×18 inch tiles looked great and the SP11 Luna 3mm feature strips were almost the same colour as the newly fitted kitchen units. Together, they looked fantastic and worked really well. Throughout the lounge/diner and hallway, we used Karndean KP03 mid-worn oak. This had a greyish colour and complemented the colour scheme very well in this part of the property.

Project details
  • Karndean Opus Luna
  • Karndean pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Stopgap 300
  • P131 Primer
  • Ardit feather finish
  • Hercules rubber contract matting
  • Black and white silicone

Saint Joseph’s School, Slough, Berkshire

We were contacted through our website by Saint Joseph’s Catholic School to quote for new flooring for their main hallways and library area. We met with Denise Jay (Business Manager) at the school and discussed the project in full. We subsequently recommended using a wood effect sheet vinyl called Polyflor Forest fx to provide an inviting feel to the school whilst still providing the wear-resistance for high traffic areas. The work was limited to a three week timescale so that the school was ready to re-open for term time. 

First, the old flooring was uplifted and disposed of, then the floors were fully primed and treated with latex. New flooring was then installed including new entrance matting and reducers welded to the existing drainage covers.

Project details
  • Ployflor forest fx – wood effect sheet vinyl Stopgap 300 latex
  • P131 Stopgap primer
  • Balls F60 contact adhesive
  • Balls F44 acrylic adhesive
  • Gradus reducers
  • Hercules ribber contract matting
  • Black and white silicone
Feedback from the school
 “I would like to say thank you very much for being so helpful in advising and carrying out the work in time and to such a high standard. Extremely pleased with your polite and very good fitters.” 

- Denise Jay (Business manager for the school)

“Thank you for your excellent workmanship, reliability and for helping choose a product that really has changed the feel of the school. Would highly recommend you and will most definitely use your company again.”

- Ciran Stapleton (Head teacher)

Waverley School, Finchampstead, Wokingham, Berkshire

We were asked to quote for new flooring by Waverley School in their nursery area which has a kitchen and bathroom attached. There were many different types of existing flooring throughout and they wanted us to recommend something that would work throughout all areas. We suggested Altro Wood Safety, which is a non-slip wood effect sheet vinyl flooring. We also boxed in some exposed pipes as you can see in the photos. The Altro Wood Safety was also capped and coved in the wet areas. We uplifted the old flooring, primed and latex it all to the same level. We installed the new flooring, including cap and cove to the kitchen and bathroom with heat-welded seams throughout.

Customer feedback
"Can’t praise Thames Valley Carpet & Flooring enough! This is a company that truly understands the needs and requirements of schools when carrying out this kind of work. A pleasure to work with and would highly recommend them. Excellent job."

- Nicola Scott (Business Manager)

Project details
  • Altro Wood Safety – Rustic oak
  • Mapei Primer G
  • Mapei latexplan trade – two part levelling compound
  • Mapei Ultrabond Eco VS90 adhesive
  • Quantum capping and coving

Avebury Salisbury Stripe Cormar Carpet, Surrey

Our clients in Farnham, Surrey required a new wool carpet to replace the tired and old carpet on their stairs and landing. The requirements were something that was hard-wearing, modern and different. Our clients in Surrey wanted something a little different from the usual beige type colour, something that would create an impression in the hallway.

Having had a look at some samples, the stripe Cormar Avebury range was chosen. This 100% pure new wool carpet is manufactured by Cormar Carpets in Lancashire in a quality 3 ply yarn with a neat level loop pile surface. The carpet's visual appeal struck a chord with our clients. The carpet was fitted over a quality overlay, in this instance Duralay Supreme 100 Carpet Underlay.

Project details
  • Avebury Salisbury Stripe Cormar Carpet (100% pure new wool)
  • Duralay Supreme 100 Carpet Underlay

Non-slip vinyl and wet room, Binfield, Berkshire

This project was carried out for Mr and Mrs Barry from Binfield, Berkshire. They asked us to supply and install some non-slip vinyl to the kitchen, lounge and bedroom and to create a wet room for their annex that they had recently added to their home.

The first step was to make sure that all the floors were scraped and swept ready for the floors to receive primer and latex. After the latex had dried, we sanded the floor until smooth. We then stuck all the cap and cove to the wet room and pulled out all the flooring, making sure any patterned flooring was straight with the walls. All the flooring was then cut down, pulled back and fully adhered to the subfloor.

The last step was to fit all the flooring and weld all areas in the wet room. You can see all the different stages of the job from the images below.

Project details
  • Ball Stop Gap 131 primer
  • Ball Stop Gap 300 latex
  • Caz Acoustic Matting

Acoustic matting, Maidenhead, Berkshire

A local builder asked us to supply and install acoustic matting to a second floor apartment in Maidenhead to reduce noise. We first scraped, swept and primed the entire floor area of the apartment. The next step was to make the floor smooth using a self-levelling compound. After the latex had set, we installed the acoustic matting, which was fully adhered to the latex finished floor. This finished acoustic flooring is then ready to receive any type of carpet or flooring that you want to install.

Project details
  • Ball Stop Gap 131 primer
  • Ball Stop Gap 300 latex
  • Caz Acoustic Matting

Care home carpets

Through a recommendation we were asked to supply and install a suitable carpet for Mrs Heather Bray who is wheelchair-bound and living in a care home in Wokingham, she is also prone to dropping things.

We took a selection of gel backed impervious carpets which also came contract rated and stain resistant. Mrs Bray found these to be most suitable as they are fully adhered to the subfloor and will not ruck up with continuous wheelchair use. She also liked the idea that if she accidentally spilt anything, it wouldn’t sink through the carpet, and could be easily cleaned up without leaving a stain. Mrs Bray ended up choosing Hospi Classic Plus for her lounge, hall and bedrooms.

Project details
  • Scrape and sweep subfloor
  • Lay JHS Hospi Classic Plus and cut down
  • Pull-back and adhere to the subfloor using Ball F3
  • Leave until glue starts to cure
  • Lay carpets back down, smooth out any bubbles and fit to skirting
  • Remove waste and give each area a full vacuum

Multiple new-builds

We were asked by a contractor to install carpet and underlay supplied by them, delivered to our warehouse to a range of new build properties in Ascot, Berkshire. The properties were on a building site so all fitters had to wear correct PPE and carry their CSCS cards.

We first swept, cleared and checked all subfloors. We then measured the rooms to make sure that the cutting plan was correct. We then grippered, cut, and fixed door bars and underlay in all areas required. We cut the carpet down to size and stretched it to fit to all areas. We vacuumed the entire plot and before leaving the site, cleaned and cleared all waste. All work was then checked and signed off by the site agent.

Project details
  • Multiple new-builds
  • Subfloor cleaning and preparation
  • Duralay Supreme 100 Carpet Underlay
  • Cormar carpet (New Oaklands) colour linnet

Bedrooms, landings and stairs

Our client asked for a soft, thick carpet for the upstairs of their four bedroom property in Warfield, Berkshire. Our client wanted chrome stair rods to match their new banisters. On the first visit, everything was grippered and underlaid. The stair carpet was also cut to size and taken to be bound. We also fitted the new bedroom carpet.

We returned two days later when the stair carpet was bound and ready to be fitted. The landings were completed and the stair rods fitted. All carpets were vacuumed and the waste loaded on the van. We protected the carpet as the customer was moving back into their house. The client was very happy with the job and the look that was achieved.

Project details
  • Vision stair rods, piston, 9mm chrome finish
  • Cloud 9, Cirrus underlay Cormar
  • Cormar, Sensation carpet in taupe (colour)
  • Waste removal

Dental surgery, Bracknell, Berkshire

Local dentist in Bracknell who is a regular client asked us to replace the flooring in one room. Since the dentist chair was being replaced, it made sense to tackle both jobs together.

We measured the area, checked the subfloor, chose the type and colour on-site – Altro Contrax safety vinyl. After the surgery had closed on Friday afternoon, the chair was removed and we uplifted the old flooring. We then latexed over to make the floor look good. We returned Saturday morning to install the Altro, weld it and seal the perimeter, ready for the chair to be installed Saturday afternoon.

This resulted in one very happy dentist as the room wasn’t out of use.

Project details
  • Altro contrax non-slip
  • P131 primer
  • Stopgap 300 latex
  • F46 adhesive
  • White silicone

Entrance lobby matting, corridor carpets plus two classroom carpets

The school located in Fulham, London required all furniture to be moved and repositioned. We needed to uplift and dispose of the old carpet and matting. We also repaired the floor as required before new carpets and matting was installed. All work was completed over a weekend, so as to not disturb the school. On Friday afternoon, all the areas were cleared and the carpet uplifted. Half of each room was done as to allow for storage of furniture. Floor repair was done as required. Half of the rooms were uplifted and furniture moved by Friday evening. The corridor carpet and the entrance hall matting was fitted on the Saturday before the rest of the rooms were uplifted and floor repairs carried out.

On Sunday, the rest of the carpets were fitted in each room, the furniture put back in place and all areas cleared and cleaned.

Project details
  • Carpet: Heckmondwike Supacord
  • Entrance: CFS Lobby matting
  • F3 Adhesive
  • Tremco SX301 latex

Office carpet fitting, Fleet, Hampshire

We were recommended to this new client. We were asked to change carpet tiles and stair nosings to an office in Fleet, two substantial office areas and the stairs to the offices. The product choices were made and the work had to be carried out in evenings from 6pm to midnight. Each evening an area was cleared, including unplugging computers and removing desks. The old tiles were uplifted and new put back before the furniture was moved. Computers were then reinstalled ready for the morning. The offices were completed over four evenings and the stairs and landing were completed on the 5th. Each nosing on the stairway had to be carefully removed, so as not to damage the stair and then re-fixed as per the manufacturer's guidelines.

Project details
  • Milliken carept tiles
  • Gradus A range, aluminium nosings
  • Ball F41 carpet tile tackifier
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